The leading provider of in-situ ocean current measurements

By providing in situ ocean current data with the highest frequency and coverage commercially available, eOdyn has revolutionized the ocean observation industry. eOdyn’s Omni-Situ (OS) technology transforms any vessel into an ocean current sensor. Thanks to the Automatic Identification System (AIS) and advanced algorithms, eOdyn is able to image oceanic features in both coastal areas and open oceans with unprecedented resolution in space and time. By making the invisible visible, the way companies and governments use ocean current data is changing.

High frequency and coverage data that changes our perception of ocean dynamics

eOdyn collaborates with maritime and government organizations. We support marine industry and research by measuring and providing ocean surface currents as requested and provide quantitative insights on oceanic features such as eddies and fronts.


Empowering companies by providing frequent and comprehensive data aiding seafarers in their daily decision-making.

States and local governments

Transforming the way states and local governments act at sea and preserve marine resources for safer and cleaner seas.


Aiding the maritime sector to transition to more sustainable and lower risk practices, while enhancing the efficiency of marine operations and logistics.

eOdyn Products

Our Software-as-a-Service platform provides customers with a unique advantage by delivering insights and timely analysis to support day-to-day decision making

eObserver platform

eObserver platform

eOdyn provides access to real-time insights through a visualization platform that uses external data integration.

Feature detection

Using our Omni-Situ data and analytics, our platform makes sense of complex global ocean data sets and provides a minute-by-minute view of our ever-changing ocean.

Data stream

On-demand access to past and present Omni-Situ observational data and high-resolution model data through our API.

Professional Services

Our services are available around the clock, are continuously upgraded, and can be customized to meet your needs.

MELODI Drifters

Our MELODI drifters are designed to provide real-time wave data that may complement ocean surface current data.

> They trust
our data

Our ocean surface current measurements are used by leading maritime companies, researchers, and government agencies who trust their accuracy and reliability. Let our data empower your decision-making for a sustainable future.


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eOdyn goes live!

eOdyn goes live!

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Yann Guichoux 2024-06-14
We're hiring!

We're hiring!

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eOdyn 2024-06-02

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