eOdyn was at EGU conference

Dr Alexey Mironov and Lucas Charron of eOdyn presented two innovative studies on ocean monitoring technology at the EGU General Assembly in Vienna, Austria, 23–28 April 2023.

The first study outlined a rapid calibration method for rotating antenna radar instruments, such as the scatterometer aboard the CFOSAT satellite. This novel technique can fully characterize these complex sensors within approximately one day, enabling the speedy utilization of satellite data for monitoring the ocean and weather. This work was conducted jointly with CNES and IFREMER.

The second study presented eOdyn’s Miniaturized Electronic Lagrangian Oceanographic Drifter (MELODI) project, which aims to develop low-cost drifters equipped with sensors and communications systems for real-time ocean data collection. The proposed drifters could advance in situ ocean observation by reducing costs and size. This project is being undertaken in collaboration with IFREMER and KINEIS

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